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Comments By Brandon About Why Modesty Is Important

Modesty in a medical setting is important to me for the same reason modesty is important outside of a medical setting. It's common sense to me. I don't want another man looking at my naked wife outside of a doctor's office, and I don't want another man looking at my naked wife inside of a doctor's office. I don't have some magical switch that I can turn off in my head that makes me feel completely at ease with another man having intimate access to her body, just because that man went to medical school. I see it at face value...a man looking at and touching my wife's intimate body parts. It's common sense to me, but for some reason, uncommon sense to society. Why? I don't know.

Why is it out of line for men and women to shower together and to use the bathroom together? To change clothes together? But it's perfectly okay and accepted that a woman can go into a doctor's office, take off her clothes, spread her legs for a man other than her husband, and allow that man to do things to her body that are eerily similar to a sexual encounter. I resent the medical industry and much of society for making me feel like I'm some creep or psycho or selfish person for NOT being okay with this. I see this no differently as a form of oppression, "an unjust use of power or authority." They know we need them to keep us alive.

It's not about sex, it's about boundaries. I'm disgusted that as a society we've grown completely accustomed to intimate cross-gender medical procedures. What I want is the medical industry to provide same-gender OPTIONS, and make it a priority to see that we have those options. I think it should be law to always have female and male staff on hand, so us PAYING customers (not patients, I'm only a "patient" to the Lord) don't have to be bullied or pressured into who will have access to our bodies. Don't take away a person's right to be treated by the opposite sex if that is what they choose, but at least make it law that we have the OPTION of same gender care, just like every other facet of society. If all we had were unisex restrooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms, there would be an outrage. Why not the same with this scenario? Physicians provide us a valuable service, but it should not be at the expense of sacrificing physical boundaries with our partners. They already make a good living doing what they do. As much as they get paid, the least they could do is provide us with this option. As far as I'm concerned the male gynecologist who examined my wife, owes me a fortune for what he stole from our marriage. However, no amount of money could ever repay such a thing.

Just because a doctor can become very skilled and knowledgeable of the opposite gender's intimate needs, doesn't always make it appropriate. I want modesty right up their at the top of the priority list. Many doctors are highly skilled in terminating a fetus, and the woman walks out of the office perfectly healthy. Does that make it right?? Just because something it done in the name of someone's physical health, doesn't always mean that it is right. Psychological and emotional health should also be a priority. Medicine is not practiced in a vacuum that is void of all human feeling and emotion, like we're lead to believe.

It's not about sex, but for argument's sake, pretend it is. We preach for women to dress modestly in public to prevent men from lusting over their bodies, but then send them to a male gynecologist to be viewed, touched, even penetrated, then pretend that those men NEVER lust during or after they do these procedures. It is the biggest hypocrisy I think I've ever seen in modern society. The same could be said for female physicians, who regularly view nude men. It's crazy to think that if a woman treats an attractive male customer, it is impossible for that woman to fantasize about that man when she gets off work. And since these doctors already know what we look like in the nude, they have intimate knowledge of our bodies, so fantasizing becomes all the more easily to visualize. It is a HUGE violation of pre-marital and especially marital intimacy. Why did God give us clothes?? To preserve intimate knowledge of our bodies and help to prevent us in our battle against lust. When you give someone else KNOWLEDGE of your body, it makes it all the more easier for that person to lust. Our bodies are sacred, and something to be shared only with your spouse or at the very least members of the same sex.

Under this same argument you could say that I'd be giving homosexual doctors a free pass. Not the case, because as I said before, it's not about sex, it's about boundaries. In society we separate the genders when the clothes come off. I see very little exceptions to this rule. There are exceptions, but VERY FEW in my book. Life saving emergencies, being one of them.

In a nutshell, those are the reasons that medical modesty is important to me.

- Brandon From Indiana



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