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If you would like to list your business in the business directory for Medical Patient Modesty, please fill out the form below. There are three different listings you can choose from. This will bring more potential clients to your business. Medical Patient Modesty's web site is very high on Yahoo and Google under certain keywords such as patient modesty, medical patient modesty, modesty during surgery, male patient modesty, female patient modesty, unnecessary urinary catheterizations, etc.

You can check out the business directory to get an idea of how it works. Check out Web Designers to see an example of a listing.

Types of Listings:

Silver - $100 per year
Includes the ability to edit your information with a user name and password, and change your password. Your business name, contact person, address, city, state, zip, phone numbers, and category will be listed. You also will be able to see how many people have clicked on the link to get more information about your business/organization. details about your business/organization, a link to your web site that people can open in a new window, and a link to your email address if you wish to show it.

Gold - $200 per year
Includes all of the features of the silver listing, the ability for customers to add testimonials about your business/organization, and the ability to upload a logo to your listing. The testimonials must be approved by Medical Patient Modesty and you before they can show up. Your listing will be higher than a silver listing.

Platinum - $300 per year
Includes all of the features of the gold listing. Your listing would be higher than gold sponsorship. The biggest advantage of Platinum sponsorship is that your business/organization would be at the top for the state that you are in which means that your business/organization would be listed under a certain category for every city in your state. The other sponsorships will only have listings under a category in a certain city.

Additional Category - $25 per additional category
If you want to be listed under more than one category, you would pay $25 for every additional category in additional to your current listing.

Banner Ads:

If you wish to have a banner ad for your business on our web site also, check out banner advertising for rates and more information.

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